Loud Snoring May be a Sign of a Weaken Skull

Researchers have discovered that if you snore very loud, this has the potential to make your skull weaker.  Patients who have the sleep disorder known as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), in which there are multiple pauses in breathing during the night, have thinner bone over their brain.

Over 22 million people in the USA alone have OSA.  And 80-90 % of them are not aware that they have the condition and are undiagnosed.  Others have been diagnosed with OSA, placed on CPAP, and have failed to be able to use the CPAP and they are currently using nothing to treat their condition.

Now scientists have found that patients who have OSA are prone to have a thinning of their skulls.   This increases the risk of a condition named spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid leak (sCSF-L).  And in this condition, the leak is from the nose and is the result of a hole in the tissue which surrounds the brain and the spinal cord.

University of Indiana scientists looked at 114 people.  The ones who had OSA had thinner skulls by as much as 1.23 mm.  Dr. Rick Nelson said that this is meaningful since 1 mm of thinning can cause the leaking.  He said that OSA may be a contributing factor in development of skull thinning.

Snoring is a main symptom of OSA.  And OSA is easily diagnosed with a sleep test done in your own home.  Remember, snoring/OSA are treatable.  And they MUST be treated to prolong your life.  Make an appointment for a free consultation to discuss your questions and see the different treatment options that are available.  Call our office at 208-667-4551.