When Is It Time To Stop Using a CPAP??

Many people suffer from a lot of chronic problems which include obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).  Medical doctors typically prescribe a CPAP machine for patients with OSA.  Many of those patients try for days, or weeks, or months with no positive effect; their symptoms, like daytime tiredness, etc., just seem to continue.  In fact, many have a lot of negative effects.  And when this happens, many doctors want patients to just try again with a different mask or a different machine. 

Here's how to tell when you should seek an alternative to your CPAP, BiPAP, of AutoPAP.

Remember, seek professional medical advice before changing anything with your CPAP.  You can never stop treating your OSA.  You must do something to treat it!

1. You keep taking the mask off when you are asleep.

2. You stop using it part way through the night.

3. The machine or the mask keeps you from getting to sleep or staying asleep.  Remember that the intent of the CPAP is to get better sleep.  You need to progress through the 5 stages of sleep about 4-5 times each night.  You need about 90 minutes in stage 4 and 120 minutes in REM (Rapid Eye Movement).

4. If you can’t or won’t clean the CPAP thoroughly after every use, you should seek an alternative.  A CPAP needs the mask, hose, and reservoir tank cleaned and thoroughly dried regularly.  This MUST be done before you use it again; dangerous mold, bacteria, biofilm, etc., grow in that moist, warm environment.

Also, the cost of the alternatives is often partially covered by your medical insurance plan as well as by MEDICARE.

Remember, snoring/OSA are treatable.  And they MUST be treated to prolong your life.  Make an appointment for a free consultation to discuss your questions and see the treatment options that are available as well as how you can find out if your snoring is an indication that you have OSA.  Call our office at 208-667-4551.