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Does my Medicare or Tricare cover dental devices?

Yes.  We are in-network with Medicare & Tricare.

Does my medical insurance cover dental devices?

We are in network with most medical insurance companies  We will contact your insurance carrier and pre-verify your coverage.

Does medical insurance or dental insurance cover treatment?
Treatment is only covered under medical insurance.

How long does the treatment take?
Treatment time depends on your condition. Make a consultation appointment below to discuss what your treatment time maybe.

I have full upper and lower dentures. Can I still use an oral appliance? The dental device can normally be fitted directly over the dentures.  An examination will determine whether your case can be treated.

I have not had dental care in quite some time. Will I be required to complete all dental care prior to the appliance being inserted?
Yes.  The teeth must be in good shape to support the device.  That can be done at our office if you don't have a dentist.

Do I have to have an overnight study in the sleep lab?

No, you may only need a sleep test done in your home.

Will an oral device help with snoring?

The oral device will reduce the snoring to a point that it is tolerable for the bed partner and it may completely eliminate snoring.


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