Home Sleep Test

Watch This Video To See How Easy It Is To Set Up Your Home Sleep Test

The sleep test at home is relatively simple. Getting the unit set up and running is just a matter of a few  simple steps. We have included a video that covers all the steps to put the recording unit around your chest and abdomen.

Once it is secured to your clothing and turned on, all you have to do is go to bed.  When you return the unit to the office the next day the process will begin to read  the results and determine if you have sleep apnea or not.  And if you do have it, the test will show the severity.

Provided below are the Northwest Treatment Center for Snoring & Sleep Apnea directions for using the ApneaLink Home Sleep Test unit.  Please watch the ApneaLink user video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awa4z2fFn7A.  And read the enclosed directions before beginning the test.

If you experience an emergency during your home sleep test, immediately call 911.

Important Note about the Tape: The ApneaLink video shows use of tape (enclosed) with your home sleep test.  Be careful of allergic reactions; you may be unable to use the tape.

Important Note about the Finger Sensor: As long as your finger sensor has a visible red light inside the finger sensor, the device is correctly recording data.

Read the instructions included in your kit.

Perform Setup

Setup the ApneaLink on your person on the outside of your sleep attire.  Please wear a t-shirt or pajama top to sleep with the device.

Go to Sleep

Sleep in any position that is most comfortable for you.

If you awaken during the night to change sleep position or use the bathroom, reconfirm the correct sensor placement with (3) green lights.

Remove the ApneaLink from your person before smoking, eating, drinking, or bathing. 

Repackage and Return ApneaLink to Our Office

After the test is over, pack all item back into the travel case (including the disposable nasal cannula) and return it to our office at the scheduled return date & time window. There is a $250.00 daily charge for units not returned fully and operable. The replacement cost is $2,900.00 for broken, inoperable, damaged devices or those that are not returned in usable condition to our office.

Kit Contents

  • (1) Reusable ResMed ApneaLink Air
  • (1) ResMed ApneaLink Air manufacturer's instructions
  • (1) pair of brand-new AAA batteries installed that are good for up to ten (10) hours of recording.
  • Unopened, single-use, disposable nasal cannula
  • The device has been calibrated and confirmed operable as of your setup appointment.
  • The device is programmed with your name, gender, and date of birth. That is the only personal information specific to you that has been programmed into the device.
  • The device surface as been cleaned with a germicidal disinfectant and gentle soap.
  • Your nasal cannula is provided for your sole use and will be kept for further tests.